Country presentations

The country presentations are back! Starting in February, each month two countries will be presented by locals in the Global Lounge. Drop by and discover one of the many cultures our world offers!

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The Global Lounge features lots of facilities to organize presentations, read about studying abroad or take a break from studying. A beamer, sound system, Xbox, microwaves, televisions and a lot of Lonely Planets and magazines are available for your use. Visit the Lounge and have a look!

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If your association or committee wants to organize an internationally oriented activity, you can use the Lounge for free! The lower area is ideal for brainstorms, while the upper area is a good room for presentations!

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Global Lounge committee

The Global Lounge committee consists of Alexandra B√Ętea, Didre Schutte Thijsen, Tom Bernhard and Karina Veklenko.

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